Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure? Are you worried about using medication to treat high blood pressure?

Worry no more, there are ways you can manage blood pressure without medication. Read further to discover the 5 ways to manage blood pressure naturally.

Maintain a healthy weight

Your blood pressure increases as your body weight increases. Also, being overweight also can cause interrupted breathing while you are asleep which can lead to sleep apnea.

Therefore, it is only logical to get rid of excess to stay manage high blood pressure.

Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium has been known to increase blood pressure.

Also, studies have shown that too much salt can damage the heart, aorta, and kidneys and that it may be bad for bones, too.

Hence, it is imperative you reduce your sodium intake to manage blood pressure naturally. You can reduce your sodium intake by doing the following:

Read the food labels.

Reduce your intake on possessed food.

If possible, don’t add salt to your food.

Stop smoking              

Do you know that each stick of cigarette you take increase your blood pressure for many minutes after smoking? Yes, it does.

Therefore, stopping smoking aids your blood pressure return to normal. This explains why quitting smoking can decrease your risk of heart disease and generally improve your health.

Reduce your stress

Extreme stress can lead to high blood pressure. So, it is important you avoid or reduce stress by doing following below

Practice the habit of gratitude.

Identify your stress triggers and avoid it.

Change your expectations.

Make out time to relax and just enjoy.

Exercise regularly

Ensure you exercise for at least 30 minutes at least 3 days a week.

This can lower your blood pressure by about 5 to 8 mm Hg if you have high blood pressure.

Kindly note that it is important to be consistent because quitting might lead to an increase in your blood pressure again.


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