Health benefits of Soursop


Soursop is a fruit that provides so many benefits for the body. This explains why it has been used over the years. The fruit is mostly found in Mexico. It can also be found in the Carribean parts of South America, Africa, and South East.

The health benefits of Soursop are as follows

It prevents cancer

Several researchers have shown that the properties in soursop can help prevent cancer and can also help in the treatment of cancer.

It helps to relieve one of respiratory distress

People who suffer from respiratory ailments such as a cough, cold or other forms of respiratory distress. Soursop contains some anti-inflammatory properties which clear your airway, relieve congestion and get rid of the irritation.

It can use treat Insomnia

If one suffers from insomnia, soursop tea can help one get rid of insomnia. Also, soursop tea has been used for centuries as a stress relieving agent for people who suffer from excessive stress and anxiety.

Soursop is good for the eyes

Soursop fruit is loaded with a whole lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to get rid of harmful substances in the body.

It contains the right vitamins which are great for the eyes. The vitamins promote the health of your eyes by delaying the amount of muscular degeneration or development of cataracts in the eye.

Enhances gastrointestinal health

The significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the fruit can help gastrointestinal health. Also, it is known to contain antiulcer properties and it preserves the mucus of your gastric wall.

With all the benefits of soursop, you should include it in your food plan.

Written by : Temitope Ikusika

Photo credit: Taste the Islands



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