Healthy tips for the festive period


The festive period is upon us and it is a time for celebration. The Christmas and New Year celebration period is a time people indulge in some unhealthy habits which might spoil all their efforts towards living a healthy life.
However, do you can still enjoy all the festivities and celebrations without indulging in an unhealthy habit?
Yes, you can! All you need to do is to follow these healthy tips listed below.

– Watch your portions
This can be quite difficult to achieve but the good news is that it is achievable. Paying attention to your food portion will help avoid eating food in access and gaining extra fat that your body does not need. So go for smaller food portion and you will realize you are able to manage your weight effectively.

– Plan your drinks
Drinks can be so tempting especially during the festive period and if you are not careful, you will end up taking more than expected. So, give a particular number limits of the drinks you can take and just stick to it.
Most importantly, if you can opt for a healthy drink, please do so! Remember to take lots of water, it helps a whole lot.

– Try to eat before you go for a party
This is one of the best ways to eat healthy. Ensure you take something before leaving for the party because it helps to keep you filled and this reduce the rate you eat.

– Know your weakness
Most of us have a particular food we cannot just ignore once we set our eyes on it. So identify that food first and look for ways to avoid it or just cut down your intake on it.

– Eat lean protein with vegetables
Lean protein is a better healthy choice. So, instead of a carbohydrate-heavy meal, you should go for protein and more vegetables.

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