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Paying a close attention to your body helps to solve so many health issues as early as possible. There are some signs your body might have indicated which you may have ignored and this might cost you so many years to come.
Therefore, it is important you take a good care of your body anytime you observe these few changes I will be listed below.
– Swollen feet
Sitting for a long hour and pregnancy can lead to swollen feet. However, when you have a swollen foot more often than normal then you need to take a closer look at your food intake and visit your Doctor. This could be a sign of one illness in the body.
– Dry and cracked lips
Recurrent dry and cracked lips can be a sign of an allergic reaction or dehydration. This could be as a result of medication, lip cosmetic etc.
– Abnormal sweat smell
Abnormal sweating can also indicate an illness. Also, the smell of your sweat can indicate something may be wrong. People with liver and kidney problem might smell like ammonia.
– Loss of eyebrow hair
If your eyebrow hair is becoming scanty it might be as a result of a thyroid disease. Ensure you visit your Doctor for a general check-up to confirm what might be wrong.
– Puffy eye
Puffiness and minor swelling underneath the eyes are often attributed to lack of sleep and stress. It can also be as a result of hormonal changes, too much of salt intake etc.
In conclusion, it is important you pay a close attention to your body when you notice any unusual change in your body and visit the hospital for a check-up.

Picture source : TheHealthSite.com


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