Dangerous Food Combinations to Avoid


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We all are so used to eating food in combinations. Some of these food combinations are healthy and not harmless. While some are harmful to our body and so many people are ignorant of this.

However, it is not too late to be informed and stay away from such food combination. Below are some of these food combinations that should be avoided.

–    Banana and milk

This food combination leads to heaviness in your body and this leads your body to slow down.

According to Dietitian and Psychologist from Care for Life, Harish Kumar, He said “We do not recommend this combination as it may prove to be very harmful to the body’’.

However, if you want to still take banana and milk. You can first drink milk and after 2 minutes, eat a banana.

You should also avoid banana milkshake because it hinders the digestion process and disturbs your sleeping pattern.

–    Yoghurt with fruit

This food combination can lead to toxins, cold, allergies and this is as a result of the plenty bacteria in yoghurt which will feed on the sugar present in fruits.

However, if you are to take yoghurt with fruit, you should go for an unflavored yoghurt at room temperature and mix in honey.

–    Tea after a meal

This food combination should be avoided because tea contains tannins and this hinders the absorption of nutrients from the meal.

In addition, immediately after a meal, a tannic acid that caffeinated beverages contain can hinder food iron and protein. This also prevents the absorption of these important nutrients.

–    Cereal with milk

This may be rather shocking for many people but this combination is not good for your health. This is mainly because cereal and milk but contain fast digesting carbs which can place the body under stress. It can both can increase the blood sugar level and this eventually will make you tired when the sugar level drops.



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