Foods to avoid when over 40


So you just clocked the new age of 40 and you still want to look good but you still eat everything and anything you set your eyes on.

Let’s face the reality, when you get to a certain age there are some certain food you should avoid eating.

So what are these type of food one should avoid eating when over 40? Find them below.

  • Red meat

You might have heard the dangers of eating too much of red meat and which is true. Red meat are linked with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, plus a greater risk of diabetes. You can take white meat and fish instead of red meat.

  • Carbonated drinks

These drinks contains caffeine, fructose, and refined sugar which are unhealthy. The sugar in these carbonated drink can raise insulin levels so high and also  drinking a soft drink a day increases your chance of a having a heart attack by 20 per cent. Avoid these empty calories by drinking water or a tea that has health benefits for you.

  • French fries

As you grow older, your body does not have the capacity to burn those calories in French fries which are unhealthy. The fat in French fries can also speed up the age process which everyone is trying to avoid.

  • White bread products

These foods can generate inflammation in the body which can and cause an increase in the blood sugar and worsen arthritis.

Apart from these there are many others. Do you know of any? You can share them below.

Written by : Temitope Ikusika

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