Five ways to keep your skin healthy


You have probably used different skin care products and even followed several highly recommended skin care routine and your skin still looks dry, rough and dull. As such, you are probably wondering what the problem could be or what you might be getting wrong.

Worry no further! I have great news for you because there are few things you might be doing wrong that is unhealthy for your skin and they are:

–    Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates the skin and eliminates moisture from the skin. This gives room for wrinkles and skin dryness.

In addition, you should avoid skin care products that contain alcohol because they damage and cause skin dryness.

–    Makeup

Some ladies are guilty of sleeping with their make up on and this can damage your skin. It can lead to a lot of problems including clogged pores, bacterial infections, and acne.

Also, try to allow your face to breathe and do without makeup. Ensure you also wash your make up brush and tools.

–    Hot showers

Staying under a hot shower for long hours can also lead to skin damage.  This can strip away the outermost layer of the epidermis, it can also lead to a dry skin.

Therefore, ensure you don’t bath with hot water all the time and stay too long under a hot shower.

–    Too much of skin exposure to Air conditioning

Exposing your skin to air conditioning can reduce the moisture your skin needs to stay and look healthy.

–    Eating unhealthy

You probably might have heard the popular saying of ’’You are what you eat’’ and this is nothing far from the truth. Try to eat healthily ,take lots of fruits and vegetables. Drink of lots of water and also try to lose some calories to stay fit.

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