Ways to Avoid Bloating



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Bloating is relatively common and most people don’t see it as a cause for concern. However, bloating is a sign that something is amiss with your digestive tract and you should look into what you eat.
There are ways you can avoid bloating and these are the ways below.

– Watch what you drink
Avoid taking sugary drink and alcohol. Instead, you should Drink plenty of pure, filtered water and avoid soda. Also, it is best not to drink water with your food. Rather, you should drink water at least an hour later.
This is because it reduces your stomach acid, making it more difficult for your stomach to break down the food which will then sit in your gut for much longer and produce gas.

– Be more active
Exercise at least twice a week, go for a walk for 10- 20 minutes in a day. The bottom line is to get active to stay fit and burn some calories. This will prevent constipation and will also help avoid bloating.

– Take Banana often
Banana is a nutritious fruit which is packed with the necessary nutrients that can prevent constipation and be bloating. Banana helps to regulate fluid balance to flatten belly your belly.

– Do not overeat
So many people are guilty of this and this is a major factor that leads to bloating. It is advisable to eat smaller portions, to give your digestive tract a chance to work.

– Avoid eating late
It might be difficult to avoid late night eating but it will do you so much good. Eating early gives the food time to digest before you rest.

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