We all have heard that losing weight on Nigerian diet is impossible and Nigerian meal are most unhealthy.

Contrary to this general notion about Nigerian meal, you can actually lose weight while eating Nigerian meal and still stay healthy. This is because there is some Nigerian meal that is healthy and everything depends on the method of preparation.

Here are the healthy Nigerian foods that are healthy for weight loss.

  • Beans

Beans contains protein and fiber which enables you to stay full. This keeps hunger away and prevents you from eating round the clock. It also reduce the number of calories you consume and this assist your weight loss journey.

In addition, the protein content of beans help to build more muscles, making you look more trimmed.

  • Brown rice

The truth is that not everyone can do away with rice so you can swap the regular white rice for brown rice or basmati rice. This type of rice contains complex carbohydrates and is rich in protein. It helps to speed up metabolism.

  • Pepper soup

Pepper soup is a regular Nigerian meal and it is good for weight loss. It is super easy to make. It certainly should be on your list as one of the meals for the day. You can include Tilapia fish or goat meat but take it in moderation.

  • Moi Moi

A delicacy made with steamed beans, fish or egg and spices.  It has lots of nutrients for the body, especially proteins and fiber and it is low in calories. While it is usually served as part of a meal combo, it is good as a single meal for weight loss.

  • Okro soup

Okra is a rich vegetable ideal for weight loss.  Okra soup is a healthy choice if you want to lose weight and be eating healthy. It is low in calories. You can eat it with swallow like: amala (yam flour), eba (cassava flour), cabbage flour, millet and unripe plantain flour. Ensure you take swallow like eba in moderation.

Picture source: Dobby’s signature and EZ Slim

Written by: Temitope Ikusika


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