5 healthy habits for your kids


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5 healthy habits for your kids

Childhood is the best time to instil good habits in your kids. This is because they are still very young and they can easily be corrected. So, as a parent why not use this period to teach them some healthy kids which will serve as a guide for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 5 healthy habits for you kids

  1. Wash your hands often

Washing of hands is very vital to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, teach your kids how to wash their hands properly with soap. Also show them how to rinse well with water after using the bathroom, after playing outdoors and before eating food.

  1. Good Eating Habits

It is important to instil in your children the habit of eating healthy, and annual dental check-up ,food, avoid unhealthy snacking, teach them not to skip meals etc.

  1. . Brush twice daily
    Dental hygiene is important. Make your kids realise and understand the importance of a healthy dental life. Ensure they brush their teeth every day. Also, teach your kids not to eat after brushing their teeth at night.
  2. Regular exercise

You should also involve your kids when doing your morning exercise routine. Teach them how to exercise often and the importance of it also. Encourage your kids to try group activities, such as team sports or martial arts. Involve your child in active chores around the house and make it fun.

  1. Have regular health check-ups
    Preventive care is essential to maintain your child’s health. Pick a nearby hospital for regular health checks every year. Also, select an annual dental check-ups to prevent teeth issues and gum problems.

Most importantly, set a good example for your kids and be a good role model for them because children learn from their parents.


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