How to Burn Side Belly Fat


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Side belly fat is also called love handles and it can be unattractive. Side belly fat is a subcutaneous fat, located just under the skin. No one love to see or have an excess flab at the sides of one’s waistline. Reducing fat in one area of your body can be quite difficult but it is not impossible. To make it possible, you can put into practice the following ways to burn side belly fat listed below.

  • Reduce your calorie intake to burn fat

To lose stomach side fat, you will have to lower your body fat levels overall. This means eating fewer calories than you burn. You can estimate your calorie needs either by using an online calculator or by consulting a nutrition professional. Then subtract 500 to 1,000 calories to get a calorie intake that will allow you to lose weight. If you cut 500 calories daily, you’ll lose 1 pound a week; cut 1,000 and you’ll lose 2.

According to McKinley Health Centre, men shouldn’t go below 1,800 calories daily, and women shouldn’t eat fewer than 1,200. Therefore you should ensure you don’t go more than the recommended amount of calories.

  • Perform 30 to 60 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise

Perform moderate cardiovascular exercise like playing doubles tennis, taking a brisk walk, ride a bike slower than 10 miles per hour or participate in water aerobics. Exercise at a rate where you can still talk but can’t sing. Also, increase your exercise intensity so you can only say a few words before taking a breath. This allows you to cut your workout duration in half and still get the same results.

  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet

Fruits and veggies are important food on diets for many good reasons. These foods are high in weight-loss-friendly fibre and relatively low in calories. They also have a low energy density and this means they have fewer calories per gram of food which is thanks to their high water content. Foods with low energy density can help you lose weight because you feel more satisfied on fewer calories.

  • Schedule strength training on two days of the week

This is needed to help maintain and build muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat. Work all of the major muscle groups including your abdominals, arms, legs, hips, shoulders and chest. Use machines, your body weight or free weights for resistance.

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