Tips for treating diaper rash



Diaper rashes can cause irritation and can also lead to discomfort for the baby. These rashes grow in moist and warm places.

Diaper rash can be as a result of new food or product, antibiotics taken by the baby or their nursing mother, sensitive skin.

So how can one treat diaper rash? Find below ways to treat diaper rash.

  • Keep it clean and dry

One of the most effective ways to treat a diaper rash is to always ensure your baby’s diaper dry and clean. Lay your baby down on a towel whenever they aren’t wearing a diaper and also give them some time without a diaper during the day, this may help keep the area dry. Also, make sure the diaper isn’t wrapped too tightly

Use mild soap when bathing your baby. Don’t scrub the area but clean the area with a soft cloth.

  • Change the diaper more often

It’s best to change your baby’s diapers often, ideally as soon as it’s soiled. This will keep the baby dry and keep the rash away.

  • Apply creams and jellies

Apply generously and cover with petroleum jelly so the product doesn’t stick to the diaper. Jellies like Vaseline may be ideal because they are usually not expensive and normally contain fewer dyes or perfumes.

  • Put your baby in clothes that are breathable

Avoid clothes that hinders penetration of air into your baby’s body. Instead, wear cloth that allows easy penetration of air.

Written by: Temitope Ikusika.

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