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It is important one pays close attention to what he or she eats.This is because whatever you take in as a way of reflecting on your health.  One of the ways to pay close attention to what you eat is by eating healthy foods that will strengthen your bones. You should also avoid or reduce the level you take in food that weakens your bones. So how can you identify foods that weaken your bones? Not to worry, below are foods that weaken your bones.

  • Consumption of too much alcohol

Consumption of too much alcohol contributes to low bone mass, reduced bone formation, an increased rate of fractures, and delayed fracture healing. To live a healthy life, it is important you reduce the level of alcohol consumption.

  • Red meat

Consumption of too much animal protein can filter calcium from your bones. According to a study published in Advances in Nutrition in January 2017. The study found that cutting down on red and processed meats as well as soft drinks, fried foods, sweets, and desserts, and refined grains all had a positive impact on bone health. Therefore, do your bone some real good by cutting down on eating red meat.

  • Caffeine

“A study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders in October 2016 found that caffeine consumption contributed to low-bone density in postmenopausal women.” To maintain a healthy bone, you should take drink decaffeinated coffees and teas

  • Salt

Excessive salt does no good to your bones of calcium. Too much salt can be mostly found in processed food. Therefore, it is healthy you take fresh home food.

  • Sugary snacks

Sugar is highly inflammatory which can weaken the bones and can also cause bone damaging blood sugar imbalance. It also taxes the livers and kidneys. Next time, you feel like eating something sugary remember the side effect of them also.

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 Written by : Temitope Ikusika

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