Tooth brushing mistakes you should avoid


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Dental health is important and we should pay close attention to it in order to ensure we have a healthy dental life.

Below are some of the mistakes we make that hinders a good dental life.

  • Using a particular toothbrush for long

Toothbrush becomes weak after using it for 3 months and sometimes even before 3 months. Therefore, you should look out for signs that indicate your toothbrush needs a new one. Signs such as a change in the color of the toothbrush, when your toothbrush becomes weak and brittle.

  • Sharing your toothbrush

Sharing the same toothbrush is not hygienic because it can lead to the transfer of germs. Rather, you should get a brush and stop sharing it with someone.

  • Using the wrong brush

Most times, we use the wrong brush. Avoid hard bristle brushes because it can damage your delicate gum tissue. You should go for a soft brush and choose a size/shape that will easily fit into your hand and give you access to all areas of your teeth easily.

  • Brushing too much

One should brush twice in a day..Brushing more than two times a day can damage your gums and erodes the enamel on your teeth which is unhealthy for your teeth.

  • Not brushing teeth for long

The recommended time for brushing teeth is 2 minutes, so ensure you do this when brushing your teeth.

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Written by: Temitope Ikusika

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