Tips on how to properly brush your teeth


We all love to have a neatly brushed teeth but most time we forget to follow the procedure towards attaining a neatly brushed teeth. Other times, we don’t even know what these procedures are.
So what are these procedures or tips to attaining a neatly brushed teeth? Below are the tips on how to attain it.
1.    Use a good toothbrush
This is the number one way to achieve a clean set of teeth.  A good toothbrush is one with soft nylon bristles. A soft nylon bristle will effectively remove dirt from your teeth, without irritating the gums or eroding tooth enamel. The toothbrush should also fit comfortably in your hand, and have a head small enough to easily reach all of your teeth, especially the ones at the back.
Also, if you have difficulty fitting the toothbrush into your mouth, it is probably too big.
2.    Place the toothbrush at a 45°angle along the gum line.
Move the toothbrush in a back and forth motion, and repeat for each tooth. This will ensure that all angles are well taken care of when brushing and no side is left out.
3.    Brush the inner surface of your teeth
Dentists’ reports have shown that the most skipped area is inside of the lower front teeth. Therefore, try not to forget that area when brushing. To ensure brushing the area, always tip the toothbrush, this will allow the head of the toothbrush to point towards your gum line, and brush each tooth.
4.    Always spend at least three minutes on brushing
To achieve white teeth spend at least three minutes on brushing. In addition, spend 12 to 15 seconds on every spot.
5.    Gently brush your tongue.
After you have cleaned your teeth, use the bristles of your toothbrush to gently clean your tongue. Don’t press too hard to avoid damaging your tissue. This helps keep bad breath away and gets rid of bacteria on your tongue.
Make sure you rinse out your mouth with water when done brushing and always use a fluoride toothpaste.
Toothpaste that contains fluoride always helps strengthen tooth enamel. It’s important to note that fluoride toothpaste is not to be swallowed because it can lead to serious health consequences. It should not be used for children under the age of three.

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Written by

Temitope Ikusika.

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