Tips on how to maintain a good hygiene for both male and female.


A good hygiene is essential for a healthy life. Both male and female need to adopt a good proper hygiene. There is need to adopt all round cleanliness to enjoy good health.
Here are some tips for good hygiene for both male and female.
1.    Keep your hands and nails clean
It is no news that we come in contact with different people and as such one needs to always keep his or her hands clean. Wash your hands before and after eating, get an antiseptic hand wash to help keep your nails and also keep your hands free from germs. Also, cut your nails because germs can easily spread through them.
2.    Wear clean clothes.
Dirty clothes should be washed always to ensure a proper health hygiene. Clean clothes prevent the transfer of germs to the body. Ensure you wash your clothes with good detergents and also dry your clothes.
3.    Prevent foot odor
Another essential way to ensure a good proper hygiene is by taking proper care of your feet. Avoid wearing dirty socks, wash your dirty socks and dry your wet shoes before wearing them.
In addition, to prevent foot odor make sure you wash your feet twice a day.
4.    Menstrual Hygiene
During the menstrual period, women should take good of their body. Bath as often as possible, change your sanitary pad and wash your pants and clothes. This is very important in order to prevent body odor.
5.    Drink a lot of water
Drinking water reduces the sweat odor, also a good amount of water in the body will keep the blood and digestive clean and pure. Drinking a liter of water early morning will help your digestive system by flushing out toxic out of your system.
6.    Brush your teeth every morning and evening
Oral hygiene is also an essential part of achieving a proper hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day, it helps prevent gum disease, which has been linked to other illnesses elsewhere in the body like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It is especially important to brush teeth after eating sweets or acidic foods that cause tooth erosion.

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