Signs that shows you are not physically fit

Most people don’t pay close attention to their body fitness unless they fall sick and they have no other choice but to rush to the hospital for treatment. We all know that that should not be the case because our body is a place we live in so we should take good care of it.
The question now is how should we take care of our body apart from going from medical checkup from time to time? The answer is, to check for the following alarming signs. These simple alarming signs are what I will be discussing below.
1.    You are always tired
It is understandable when you get tired due to stress or work. On the hand, when you get tired without doing any significant work and it is almost every time then you need to look into your fitness.
2.    You struggle to catch your breath
You struggle to catch your breath when you climb the staircase or exercise. Also, when you struggle to catch your breath within a very short time of exercising. Then you have to know your fitness level is poor and have to exercise more.
3.    You struggle to have a good sleep
When you struggle to have a good sleep, then you are not fit. Exercise helps to relax your muscle and it can strengthen your circadian rhythm and help those who struggle with insomnia. If your quality of sleep is suffering and you’re not regularly active. So try to exercise or involve in some form of activity.
4.    You can rise from sitting on the floor without no assistance
It is quite simple if you cannot rise from sitting on the floor without no assistance then you need to check your fitness level. You can try this test anywhere at any time, and you can certainly learn a lot about your physical fitness by trying it. All you have to do is sit down on the floor (not on your knees), then stand up without using your arms, knees, or other parts of your body for assistance. This will tell you more about your fitness.
These are just a few of the signs one should look out for. Other signs are weak muscles or aching muscles after minimal exercise, mood swings, and obesity. Look out for all these signs and take charge of your health life.

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Temitope Ikusika

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