Why is it harmful to hold in your pee?




The truth is that we are all guilty of this act at one time or the other. It could actually be when you are watching this very interesting movie, or when you are in bed and you feel so lazy to stand up and use the toilet.

However, I understand there can be a situation whereby one can’t find a toilet around especially during a long road trip but when you find somewhere to use kindly use the place and get relieved.

Personally, I used to be very lazy when it comes to waking up in between my beauty sleep to go pee until when I discovered I am doing myself no good and overworking my organs.

So if you are like the former me that hold pee due to one reason or the other then I guess you need to read this article to understand the dangers of doing that.

  1. Holding your urine for long gives room for bacteria to grow in the bladder. In addition, this bacteria can lead to infection which may affect the kidney.
  2. If you have a pre-existing bladder condition, holding your urine for a very long time can lead to your bladder bursting. However, this is a very rare situation, but it can still occur.
  3. It also increases the risk of having Urinary tract infection. This is a condition whereby one can’t fully empty the urine.
  4. Holding urine for too long can lead to your pelvic floor getting weak. When you force your bladder to hold urine for a very long time, your pelvic floor gets so used to holding the urine. One can end up with some real dysfunction of your pelvic floor muscles. Over time, that can cause you to lose control of your bladder functions.
  5. Your bladder might get stretched out. Holding urine for too long will over stretch your bladder and will make it surpass its limits.

One of the big side effects of an overextended bladder is that your body may start missing cues that your bladder needs to be emptied. Also, those messages your brain sends to your body that it needs to go to the bathroom are important.

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Temitope Ikusika

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