5 foods that make you sleepy and tired.



We all know that eating healthy food is good for the body and with the help of biology we know the class of food that gives energy. On the other hand, do you know that there are food that makes you tired too?  Do you also know that those food are healthy food too?

So if you have been feeling exceptionally tired after meals lately, you may want to consider limiting these foods during the day.


This looks like the perfect meal to take in the morning, this is due to the fact that it helps with losing weight. Studies has shown that oatmeal promotes sleep. The grains in oatmeal cause your body’s insulin level to rise, which in turn increase your body’s blood sugar. In addition, the oats contain melatonin, which relaxes the body and makes you fall asleep.

Red meat

Most times, it is quite difficult to avoid red meat because it gives soup this unique taste and it beautifies your soup. Recently, everyone is aware of the disadvantages of taking red meat. Also the high fat content of red meat leaves you drowsy. In addition, it takes a lot of energy to break these down, and so all your body’s energy is going to be focused on that. This leaves you feeling tired during and after the break down.


Yes! We all know that banana is a good fruit for the body. Do you also know that the high magnesium in it makes one tired? Banana help your muscle to relax, making you feel sleepy. It is good to take banana before going to bed but during the day you can take another type of fruit which won’t make you sleepy.


This looks like the easiest thing to take in the morning but it also makes one tired because carbs cause your blood glucose levels to jump quickly (that’s why you get a sudden burst of energy). But when these glucose levels start to drop back down, you will likely experience an energy crash that will leave you ready for a nap.


In as much honey has so many health benefits one should be aware that it also makes one feel sleepy. Honey contains glucose, which tells your brain to shut off orexin which is the chemical known to trigger alertness. One tablespoon is more than enough to help you fall asleep at night. So honey can serve as a sleeping pill for those in need of one.

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Temitope Ikusika

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