Its saturday, and I’m sure that by this time some people have had enough junk food to last a lifetime. Now going out and giving yourself a treat isnt such a bad idea, but have you ever considered a home made treat? Today I’m going to share a secret reciepe and I know you are going to love it.



-a bunch of ripe bananas

-a glass of milk


1)Wash your ripe bananas thoroughly before peeling. Once you peel off the back, its important to put the banana fingers in a bowl of cool water to avoid discoloration.

2)Cut each banana finger into two equal parts before proceeding to blend them. Keep the blender running till you achieve a thick and smoothe mixture.

3) Pour out the mixture into a bowl, then you can proceed to pour in your glass of milk. Its best to use a wooden spoon when mixing to allow the milk mix properly with the blended bananas.

4) After mixing, you can then place your Banana slide in the fridge till its chilled.

This little treat will keep you healthy and fresh,as the sweetness envelopes your mouth.

Have a Good one!





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