It could be quite embarrassing when you get invited to a sit down dinner and as you are about to take the last bite of your dessert dish of chocolate pudding your tummy begins to rumble and then suddenly you start passing gas uncontrollably. This happens every time you try eating a diary product. Some people might say the dish was probably contaminated, but have you considered the possibility of a more advanced element? On a scale of 1-10, it usually turns out that such individuals who experience this constantly are suffering from a medical condition called Lactose Intolerance.

Lactose intolerance is different from food allergy. Lactose intolerance simply means that the body cannot easily digest lactose. Lactose is a type of natural sugar found in milk and also diary products. When this natural sugar moves through the large intestine without being properly digested, it can lead to some very uncomfortable symptoms like gas, belly bloating and abdominal pain.

Lactose intolerance comes to play when the small intestine doesn’t make enough of the lactase digestive enzyme. Lactase is a digestive enzyme which digests Lactose. The small intestine stops producing lactase for various reasons. sometimes, it could be after a short term illness like stomach flu or even part of a life long disease. It could also be as a result of a surgery that required the removal of a part of the small intestine. In cases like this, this problem could be temporary or permanent. Some people are born with this condition, such people cannot eat or drink anything that contains lactose.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance can be mild or severe, depending on the amount of lactase the small intestine produces. Typical symptoms include cramps or pain, bloating, rumbling sound in your belly, gas, loose stool or diarrhoea, throwing up, and fever in rare cases.

If you feel really sick after taking a cup of milk whether warm or cold, its probably just a regular stomach upset. But if you feel sick every time you take a glass of milk, ice cream or any diary product, you may have lactose intolerance.

The best way to check if you have lactose intolerance is to avoid eating dairy products and observe if the pains will go away. Sometimes, people who have never had problems with milk suddenly have lactose intolerance. This is more common as you get older.

There is no cure for lactose intolerance, the best way to handle it is to avoid dairy products. Most individuals with this condition take milk with reduced lactose or soy milk.

So, in order to stay healthy, avoid foods, or drinks that contain Lactose.





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