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Its not news that at Grace and Mercy Pharmacy we are very interested in the total wellbeing of our customers.When it comes to total wellness,there are various elements that help us achieve this, but today i’ll be emphasizing on just one simple thing which is; Your state of mind and attitude to life. You might be wondering how this plays any role in your wellbeing, well, let me surprise you.

First of all, a recent survey has shown that a total of 8 out of 10 people get out of bed unhappy everyday. Reason being that they probably dont have the things they think they want yet or they hate their current jobs. Sometimes,they even begin to wonder if the job is worth the stress. Truth be told, most times the job isnt worth half the stress, but if you look at it from that angle you will miss out on alot of things.Attitude is everything! The truth is that you will definately meet different kinds of people, the lively-sparky ones, the crude and mean ones and lets not forget the cool, calm and collected ones. How you deal with each person varies and it goes a long way in affecting you healthwise.I’m sure you are wondering how this affects your health right? let me explain a very simple theory, the kind or type of people you let into your life or you allow control your descisions and mood determines the kind of life you would have at the end of the day.

When you associate with the lively-sparky individual, you tend to live a life of adventure. Once you step into a room, you light up the place with a bright smile and a charisma that makes everyone feel the urge and need to associate with you. Adventure keeps your heart pumping, it clears out all the bad blood and keeps you in shape. The lively-sparky individual hardly get upset because they dont even notice your actions.

The same way happiness and laughter is contagious,so is hate and anger.If you constantly stay around the crude and mean people, it will change you in the long run. sooner rather than later you will find yourself getting cranky and upset at the slightest provocation or even using fowl language and cursing alot. Crude individuals are toxic. Now the downside to this is that people who get upset quickly,tend to have wrinkles at a very young age and like thats not bad enough, most of them end up having Hypertension.

A wise man once said nothing! The cool, calm and collected individual doesnt do alot of talking or jumping around, they only speak when spoken to. If you pay careful attention to their words, you realize that they make highly intelligent statements, They observe alot. While the Sparky-lively individual is chatting away, the calm individual is taking mental notes. They also hardly ever get upset and when they do, you never notice. The funny truth is that medically, it has been proven that if you keep your mouth closed for too long, you develop Halitosis (bad breath) which is a build up of bacteria in the mouth. I’m not saying you should talk alot or leave your mouth open but at least, once in a while TALK!

In conclusion, being crude and mean has never helped anyone, instead it only helps you gather enemies.A mixture of the Sparky and Calm individual will keep you going. Mind your temper and smile alot. The sky isnt your limit, the mind is. You can put your worries into perspective when you realise how many people in the world are so much worse off than you are right now. There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud. When it rains, look for rainbows and when its dark look for stars. One trick that will always keep you on top of your game and give you a hold on your temper is, when you get upset, dont think about it, let it go! When you get upset, mind what you say,dont make statements you would regret, sometimes, give people the opportunity to explain and clarify issues before you conclude. People deserve second chances, forgive them so you can have peace of mind and a healthy heart.

Alway remember that We love you a 100%.






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