Compliments of the season! From time in memorial around this time of the year, virtually every continent will experience a change in weather. Harmattan is one of the seasons in Nigeria and in this part of the world, the wind becomes cooler and is accompanied by dust. This climatic change always welcomes you into the last month of the year and ushers you into the New Year. Due to the harsh nature of the weather, it is advisable to avoid certain things and inculcate new habits. We at Grace and Mercy Pharmacy believe in keeping our customers satisfied, and that includes giving out amazing tips that will help you live a healthier life. Here are some tips that will help you stay healthy during this harmattan period.


  • Use mild moisturizing soap or shower gels.
  • Do not completely dry your skin after taking your bath. It is best to use body oil to retain the moisture in your skin.
  • It is important to apply moisturizing cream all over your body including under your feet.
  • Apply hand cream during the day and also at night before going to bed.
  • At night, it is best to use a blanket to keep yourself warm. Ensure that your doors and windows are locked.


  • Due to the cold that harmattan brings, it is best for you to dress warmly. Wear clothes with lots of layers. Layers work better than just one thick item because air is adequately trapped between the layers, keeping you warm.
  • Although most people do not pay much attention to it, but it’s very important to keep your ears covered during this period. Getting ear muffs might be going too far but scarfs and head warmers seem appropriate and not too over the top.


  • Regardless of your type of face i.e. oily or dry face, it is best to use mild soaps.
  • Facial cleansers or toners that contain alcohol or astringents should be avoided.
  • Always take at least five minutes each day to moisturize your face deeply. Apply a moisturiser and rub it in deeply.
  • There is no such thing as too much gloss on the lips during harmattan. The harmattan breeze is usually dry and harsh on the lips, causing them to break. Investing in a lip balm or lip gloss is always a wise investment. Always moisturize your lips before going out and even at night when you are about to go to bed.
  • It’s also very important to protect your eyes, since they are directly exposed to the harsh weather, most especially the dust that accompanies the harmattan. To reduce exposure to dust, protective spectacles are advocated.


  • Try to wash your hair with shampoo regularly and use mild hair conditioners.
  • Don’t dry hair completely so as to retain some moisture in the hair. This is especially important for the men, since most ladies will have their natural hair covered.
  • Apply hair oil, pink oils, hair sprays, lotions and creams to hair daily or every other day depending on your hair type and the severity of the harmattan in your region.
  • It is very important that ladies avoid leaving out their hair during this period. Exposing your hair to the harsh weather can cause breakage and poor hair growth.
  • If you must wear your natural hair, endeavour to get a spray bottle. If you have the time, you can improvise and make a spray bottle. A spray bottle usually contains water, oil and leave-in glycerine. To improvise, all you need is a proper mixture of water and hair oil. You can have a spray bottle in your bag and spritz from time to time.


This period, its best to keep yourself warm to avoid getting sick.

  • Increase your vitamins and minerals intake to help boost your immune system and fight off bacteria.
  • Avoid dusty environments. Staying in a dusty environment will only increase your chances of catching a flu.
  • Its also very important to maintain proper personal hygiene. During this dry season, most people avoid taking their baths twice daily because of the cold, this is very wrong. Having your bath at night not only makes you clean, but rehydrates and rejuvenates your skin. The water helps to remove dead skin cells and adds more moisture to your already dry skin.

Proper hygiene can never be over emphasised. Wash your hands with warm water and soap as often as possible and don’t forget to always have your hand cream close to you.








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