People suffering from diabetes benefit a great deal from eating fruits. Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fresh fruits are a great addition to anyone’s diet. Fruits can be used as dessert instead of the regular sweet dishes. There are no bad fruits for people suffering from diabetes but there are some fruits that have more benefit to diabetics than others such as:


• BERRIES: Berries are highly nutritious. Choose your favorite and indulge in a serving size of berries. They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. They are also low-fat. A serving of berries has about 62 calories and 16 grams of carbs.


• CHERRIES: Cherries are as delicious as they are good for you. Cherries have low-carb and have a low glycaemic index. A portion of cherries, about 12 units, have 54 calories and 14 grams of carbs. Cherries are loaded with anti-inflammatory agents, more than any other fruit. These anti-inflammatory agents help prevent obesity, heart disease and cancer.


• ORANGES: Oranges are a classic. They are loaded with vitamin C which helps support immune system. In addition, they have lots of soluble fiber which helps manage weight, reduce cholesterol, and control blood sugar levels.


• PEARS: Pears are low-carb as well as high in fiber. A pear has about 81 calories and 14 grams of carbs. Their high fiber content is an excellent choice for sugar, weight and cholesterol control.


• SUMMER APRICOTS: Apricots are sweet, low-carb fruits, loaded with vitamin A. Four apricots have 68 calories, 16 grams of carbs and more than 70% daily vitamin A requirement. They are also rich in fiber.





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