The benefits of potassium to the body cannot be over emphasized. Potassium helps trigger the heart to squeeze blood through the body. It also helps the muscles to move, helps the nerves to work properly and the kidney filter blood.


Fruits and vegetables are reliable sources of potassium. Potassium could also be found in whole grains and dairy products. Other sources are fresh fruits, potatoes, dried fruits, spinach, tomatoes, beans, and avocados.



Potassium cannot be used to treat or prevent heart diseases or conditions, but adequate consumption can help the heart in various ways such as

  • CHOLESTROL: There is no direct link between potassium and cholesterol, but many diets that lower cholesterol are also high in potassium. Hence, when potassium is consumed adequately the chances of developing a heart disease is reduced.
  • BLOOD PRESSURE: Regular intake of potassium supplements lowers systolic blood pressure by 8points. A diet high in fruits and vegetables and fat-free dairy foods can help cut systolic blood pressure by more than 10 points. However, potassium pills shouldn’t be taken without a doctor’s prescription.




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