Garlic plays a critical role in many different aspects of human health. It is incredibly healthy for both men and women, but there are some health benefits of garlic that apply specifically to men.

Here are three main health benefits of garlic for men.

  • PROSTATE CANCER PREVENTION: Regular consumption of garlic leads to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. According to several studies, garlic slows down/prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells. A study done in China found that men who consumed higher levels of garlic and scallions were linked to about a 50 percent lower risk of prostate cancer. Raw garlic is considered to be the best way to consume garlic for anti-cancer benefits.
  • HEART HEALTH: Garlic compounds are turned into hydrogen sulphide, a chemical that relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow and circulation. Research shows that hydrogen sulphide plays a key role in the prevention of heart disease and heart attack. One study done at UCLA found that people taking garlic extract had the progression of plague build up in their arteries slowed by 50 percent compared to people not taking garlic.
  • TREATS IMPOTENCE AND INCREASE SEX DRIVE: Garlic increases testosterone levels and improves blood circulation, it stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide synthase enzyme, all of which can improve sex drive and help with impotence.

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